Fire Arms Licence Kids

As a caregiver I love pretend play, I love encouraging children to use their imagination. This week the boy I nanny got given some dart guns and immediately I found the kids were shooting each other in the face and causing issues. I then spoke to their parents and wanted to introduce an idea I have uses in learning centers before. The parents were all for it and thought it would be a fun learning curb.

So I proceeded to create a firearms license and an agreement to get the kids to sign. In the agreement, I added in any rules with guns we wanted to create I also asked the kids for input here. and at the end, we went over the agreement and the kids signed their names and were presented with their very own license.

We live in Tennessee so I thought it would be fun to add our state picture on it.

Here is a neutral one to template off.Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.09.53 PM

Love From Tess xo


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