The truth I hold and hide for years, now to unfold, locked away, previously never told. I’m done being so weak, it is time for me to speak. The story I have to tell comes from the pits of hell. Held against my will. The secrets tore my inside, a twisted mind my hands a tied, it’s all my fault all this assault. How much can I take? Sleepless nights I lay awake, I need to stay strong, everything is wrong.

My life now forever changed. All things I knew rearranged, God? Life has been made into something so dead, I hate everything so much and what has been put inside me, how can I love it, love anything? This little life deserves much more than I can give. I’m beat and bruised he kills the innocence I have and the only life left inside of me.

My sweet and beautiful if I could have kept you, you would have been my whole world, a gift from God. You are safer where you are and so far I have grown, God has given redemption. I am able to trust one day I will see you, God knows when my heart will stop beating and everlasting life, I will see you.


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