Things To Do In ALK With Kids.

Living in a city can be hard with kids. Here are my top 10 things to do with kids in auckland.

  1. Cornwall park, this park is full of goodies execpecially at this time of year with lambs and daffodils! the park is very cool with a push along train, giant flying fox and fun play structures, it caters for all ages!
  2. Fluffies, most if not all cafes have cheap or even free kids fluffies. enjoy a cup of coffee while the kids drink their fluffy, Open Table Ellerslie have free fluffies and toys.
  3. St Heliers, this beach is so beautiful looking over Rangitoto island, space for kids to run, age ranging playground and rock hoping areas.
  4. Bunnings play found, good for a rainy day! enjoy a coffee while the kids run around on the indoor locked up playground! bunnings also offers workshops and colouring papers.
  5. Toddle rock, this is a dance group held at c3 church in Ellerslie every tuesday morning paying $5 you get a coffee sweet treat and the kids get fruit, crackers and a biscuit.
  6. Mc Donalads Greenlane play ground. another great place in the rain since the play ground has had a great makeover! yet you must resist the food!
  7. Libraries, Auckland has so many great libraries and its great to take the kids to and read some books and see what events they have on!
  8. Museum. The Auckland museum is so fun a has so much going on! Not to mention free for Auckland residents! 
  9. Panmure Basin has so many cool play grounds a good walk Pram capable.
  10. Jump is so good the kids love it! It’s a trampoline work how could you not love it! It’s on the pricier side but still worth it! 

Love From Tess xo


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