Nanny Life – Boundaries

I absolutely love children, their energised nature and full of new adventure ever second, yes every second!

I live in with a beautiful family with two very happy girls. one being four years old and the other only one and a half years old. Because i live in, i am able to be with the kids all day. Some people say thats a crazy situation to be in, but you need to maintain your privacy and independence.

Some key tips i have to seeing your ground with the kids are:

  • Try to keep your bedroom a kid free zone.

When the kids realise that your room is there they will want to go in and check out all your stuff, but you do not want this to be a habit. You need to let the children know that this is your space and they can only come in when invited (which is on a very very slim occasion in my situation). If the children feel like it is just their play room the will enter as they please. so i always keep my door shut when i am not in there or sleeping, just to prevent the temptation. Teaching the girls to knock has been a big help, (ironically as i wrote this post the girls ran in to my room without knocking sandpit cracker crumbs all over my floor. It happens.) so now the knock and wait when i am in my room out of sleeping hours. The less time the kids spend in your room the better.

  • Out of work hours are your hours, do not get taken advantage of if you don’t want to.

Lets be realistic you are an adult now, you do not have the same interest as the kids, i love to read a book with a tea, and the girls will come over and ask to play barbies and as much as i can see they feel heart broken when i say not right now, i know it is important for me to have my time. But totally if I’m keen to sit down with the kids out of hours i will do so. The girls love it and i try to do so when i have the energy and do not have to be doing anything else.

  • Kids Wake up at all hours.

You need to be prepared for this.Before i became a live in nanny i would wake to a pin drop and not handle a broken sleep night. When i started i was messed with my head was always tired, but like anything you adjust give it time. To help with this i chose a room further away from their room, to muffle out the noise. Also the girls need to know that when they wake up you do not go anywhere near my room, which has never been an issue with the girls. Be in communication with the parents, you need to let them know if you have an issue with your sleeping situation.

  • Do Childless things.

its so easy to get caught up in child’s play, playdates, dance groups, park plays, kids music. Make sure you meet up with your friends interact with adults, do hobbies with other adults. Remember your age!

I hope this is an inside opening to people struggling in situations or about to be in a similar situation.

Love From Tess xo


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