My All Time Top 5 Beauty Products.

I don’t use a lot of products, I try to use a little as possible. I wanted to share my top 5 products with you all.

  • My all time fav is the Matrix Total Results High Amplfy Foam Volumizer. It totally has the cutest packaging with that turquoise, this stuff has been the only product to lif my flat hair, and make me have fuller hair. With a handy easy use nozzle I add a golf ball size of product to my hands and run from roots out to my towel dry hair.
  • This mascara Great Lash Maybelline, was the first i ever used and have always repurchased. I love that it does not put too much on and makes your lashes look clean and long.
  • Ashley and Co is just my favourite brand any way but this hand cream Soothe Tube Blossom & Gilt is to die for, it has adorable packaging but not to mention it smells like the best thing ever. The consistency is perfect and so moisturising.
  • The Elf Essential Blending Brush is so soft and i love how practical it is, i use it all the time when i need to blend my shadows.


  • I adore this colour and it is my go to. The Rimmel London Kate line in 28. it is so creamy and stays on well.


Love From Tess xo


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