America I Love You.

I spent 3 months in USA and I don’t know if y’all know yet I am an American citizen alongside being a New Zealand citizen also, with my dad American and my mother a Kiwi.

Living the majority of my life in New Zealand I consider it home. Nethertheless America has also held apiece of my heart. The day we moved back to NZ after as a family moving to USA for dads work for a period of time, I was heart broken I did not want to leave. I felt pertryed by my parents. Now when I look back to this I totally know that they did not portray me at all.

When I went to America this year I was filled with joy, excitement, and emotion. I really want to say I love living in New Zealand yet there is just so much love I have for America.

I spent a lot of time in many states and did so many fun and fantastic things. Experiencing all the large of Texas, the beautiful landscapes and nature of New England, a little bit of Washington DC, the hustle and the bustle of NYC, the excitement and beauty of Tennessee and many other amazing things.

I fell I love with the south and the friendyness of all the people met some amazing awesome people with many inspiring stories. Met up with family and friends recreating memories, seeing cousins graduate, celebrating birthdays, and many other memories.

Who knows what will happen with me now.. I’m ready to move it could happen..

We’ll see.

Love From Tess xo


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