Reflecting on Bible Stories.

The book of Ruth is a beautiful book of the Old Testament in this book we read about the events of a Hebrew family, after the death of her husband and father in law Ruth willingly shows selflessness and accompanies her mother in law Naomi to the next chapter of her life, Ruth then goes on to marry Boaz and whom the have a son. One glorious lesson from this book is Gods Love for the Gentiles; in this past time Hebrew people were given a sense of importance to have a position in Gods redemptive actions for the people of the world. Ruth the pagan at birth was chosen by God to be in the ancestral line of Jesus Christ the world’s savior. The book of Ruth would have contributed in preparing the Jewish people of Jesus the Messiah’s arrival.

Unfortunately most of the Jewish people rejected the Messiah, but nevertheless because of His compensating death, redemption is obtainable for any who recognize Him and obey His plan. This story, pleasing as it is, contains significant spiritual teachings. For example with Naomi, that we ought not turn our backs on God when disaster attacks our lives. We might feel anger at God and express our feelings in honest prayer to him, and nevertheless stay righteous and have redemption over our life. Looking further over the short term plan and toward his everlasting plan. God will reward the righteous with His redemption.

Moses was a man whom killed a person for doing wrong chosen to convey redemption to His people. God precisely chose Moses to lead the Israelite people from captivity in Egypt to redemption and obtain eternal life and freedom. Moses is also known as the intercessor of the agreements between God and Israel in the Old Testament, and is generally mentioned to as the presenter of the Law. Moses is the principal author of the first 5 books, the opening books of the all inclusive Bible. God uses Moses as part of His plan to spread redemption.

From reading about Gods redemptive nature and plan to advance this, we can really understand Gods love for us and the mercy he has for us, it is a good place for us to take on and develop personally our on redemptive nature to become more Christ like. In all situations we have a responsibility of humbleness, meaning that we act for the good of those God has entrusted to us exhibiting God redemptive plan, even at the cost of our ease, control, status, and image. We will know we are gratifying this plan when we find ourselves advocating for those who contest us, just like Moses did with his sister Miriam.

Looking at Cain, he was the first born human and he murdered his brother because of extreme jealousy. Nevertheless The Lord God, being filled with mercy and grace, gave a mark on Cain to keep people from killing him. the outcome of this Cain departed the presence of God, started a family, and built a city. But his descendants were wealthy, worldly, and without God. The legacy of Cain led to the destruction of the entire world with the flood. Furthermore we have been redeemed by God, with the precious blood of Jesus Christ so that we no longer live as slaves to sin. Just as Cain, was warned through the Holy Spirit of the consequences of using grace as an opportunity and reason to sin.

Everybody is in requires redemption. Our natural ailment was portrayed by guiltiness, Christ’s redemption has given us freedom from guilt, being “justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” (Romans 3:24.)

The importance of redemption in our lives today incorporate eternal life, forgiveness of sins, righteousness, freedom, release from sin’s bondage, peace and the ability to dwell with the Holy Spirit. Having been redeemed is to gain forgiveness, and to be reconciled.

God has bought our freedom, and we are no longer in captivity to sin. We are redeemed by The Precious Blood of Christ

Creation, Fall, Redemption and restoration, four big plot actions to biblical narrative. Thankfully God our ever so affectionate Maker who truly expresses Himself to be enraged toward our sin is strong minded to change the wicked and suffering we have produced into good that will be to His ultimate glory. So the next undertaking demonstrations God applying a dominant strategy for redeeming His creation and saving the fallen sinners. In the Individual being of Jesus Christ, God Himself comes to recommence the world and rebuild His people. The major finishing of the narrative of Scripture peaks with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ Our saviour.

Love From Tess xo


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