Meet My Pets.

This is my Cat Maple, she is 16 years old we got her when she was 3 years old after our past cat got hit by an bicycle when he was 8 years old. Maple is a delight she spends most of the day sleeping now and she spends every night on my bed.

My pet fish Angolia, she is 4 years old and before her we had many many other fish friends.


Raikou the budgie is an evil bird he is 6 years old and is our second budgie. He is mean and bites but he is pretty.


My Baby Bunnies. This is Clover she is 5 and her baby boy Willow who is 2. These guys I’m so in love with they are friendly and very cute. They Love Cuddles.

Just thought it would be fun to show you my babies.

Love From Tess xo


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