Leaders Leading


The bible demonstrates many great traits a leader should have In the bible we are shown character traits a leader should obtain, the first quality of a leader is one should follow the word of God and should live by the according’s of the law. Secondly a leader should be righteous and have a righteous plan for their people and should demonstrate god works. Another trait is the leader should be faithful to one spouse furthermore this mean the leader should not be an adulterer and should not be unfaithful. A good temperate is another trait a leader should have is that their temperament should be reliable and consistently be in a happy positive mood. A leader should be sober minded should be able to have a clear mind to be able to give clear thoughts to their people.

The leader should not always be joking and should be able to deal with serious matters when needed. The leader should also be a good role model and have good behavior and be willing to be there for their people in all areas of their life. A leader should also be calm and should not be aggressive and should know to give it all up to god to deal with.

A leader should also be of a gentle nature, just as Jesus was, the fruits of the sprits are also good traits a leader should have. A leader should defiantly should be faithful in the word of God and should follow buy these and live by the word. Leaders should uphold an active prayer life praying over a wide range of areas of their life the churches life and their people’s lives that they lead. A leader needs to have good communication; they need to have public speaking skills and personal communication. This helps them lead a person in need effectively and appropriately.

Compiling all these character traits I feel as if I display a lot of these well one that really stands out to me is being faithful. I know I am a very faithful this trait is something I know I do well in.

On the other had a trait I need to work on is equipping my self with the word and general knowledge of the bible, this is something I struggle with but am becoming more able of retaining things I learn because o now know what works for me and as I continue to grow and learn I find new tactics on how to learn more of Gods word to be able to effectively lead and share to the people I will lead and currently lead. Today I do a lot in kids church and since I have been I have gained so much knowledge of His word because we have to be repetitive for the under fives because they need that to lean so this has really equipped me to lead these kid a lot better and efficiently show them Gods word.

Another area of leadership I struggle in is communication, this has always been a area that I been trying to develop since I first lost it as a 13 years old, because I have always been shy since this age I have over the year built up confidence an i am more comfortable siting in not communicating and withdrawing my self from the conversations. Now I have been a wear of this for a few years now I have been slowly learning and developing my communication skills and I have become more and more confident in this area but today I still struggle to give my one hundred percent in communication and sometimes still get nervous. Also I struggle with a short memory and tend to go of topic on other tangents and flick back and forward and it may all make sense in my mind but to others it can be confusing had to follow and unable to listen to.

Because of when I’m older I want to lead a ministry I know that I need to really work on making my communication skills strengthened and become more confident in talking to people and speaking in front of people.

I know from the start of the year looking to now I gained a lot of very special key leadership skills and I have become more confident in who I am and what I do. My relationship with God has flourished and I have become strong in the foundations of Gods work. If I look to where ill be by the end of the year I know I will have increased immensely in leaderships skills and I will be more confident to lead people and I will be able to enjoy it more because it will be natural for me and how I feel. God does not want me to be afraid because He is always with us.

Love From Tess xo


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