Reading The Bible In Context.

Narrative is a recorded or told filing of certain events that make a story, the bible is a recorded listing of events and stories that are put together systematically within, the bible is a book where we can relate to God by reading these stories and we see how the can play a part in our everyday life.

If we start to just read in a bullet point way, we do not actually get the whole understanding and when it comes to sharing the word to others, The bible is more than just a set of things to do to live your life. The bible is a book filled with historical stories, so picking and choosing only a few points of the bible sets us out of context and we do not get the whole story.

Skim reading can steer people to a misleading sense of accomplishment rather than to an encounter with the Spirit of God who has stimulated these passages written in the bible. In Hebrews 4:12 it says “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” From this passage we can draw that active commitment with that word of God contains prayerful meditation, not skimming chapters in order to say you have read it all and know it all.

Today, many people pursue to read the Bible as a whole with good aims but end up feeling like demoralized because they run out of time or can’t concentrate on reading one whole book a night or the words of the prophets too confusing. Another reason not to read the Bible cover to cover is tactful practicality. One way to increase in our knowledge and to increase the love of God is through God’s word, without hesitation.

But God’s grace for us is present and extended easily to those of us who haven’t memorised any verses lately but who are trying and aiming to seek a higher knowledge of God’s word. Reading the Bible in chronological order can help you have a deeper appreciative sprit of God’s work throughout history and in your life and what is to come. So therefore the Bible tells us is truth and God wants us to respect and know his Word written in the Bible. Very importantly, God wants us to respect and know and love Him.

I came across the word “allegorizing” this means to look beyond the initial meaning of the information and to find the more intimate more God intended meaning, in the bible we come across many different stories when read we could just read and think “that was a cool story” and not personally or spiritually connect. It is important to allegorize with the bible to understand what is written and become spiritually connected to the writings.

Love From Tess xo


One thought on “Reading The Bible In Context.

  1. Thanks for your reflections on ‘Reading the Bible In context’ Tessa Monica. Bible is an inspired text which is a historical and faith document. Through oral and written traditions it has undergone modifications in the past centuries and it helps us to go closer to the mind and heart of God. Exegesis will help us to understand the history behind the texts and in the process one can get the glimpse of God. This God was all powerful, almighty, awe producing in the Old Testament but a brother, friend, suffering servant, a personal being in our image and likeness in the New Testament.As you rightly put it we have to understand God and what He/She wants us to understand and witness. Best wishes! Charles Alphonse


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