The Bachelor NZ

I secretly love this show, does anyone else absolutely think Rebecca should win she is totally adorable.

Ohh they get to go Hawaii how cool. Ceri got the first one on one date there, the date was cute I like Ceri haha she got her helicopter ride. I like how he gave her the rose.

The group date was cool I want to go on one of those boats.

Naz and Cheri make up I cannot stand Naz I hope he wakes up and sees who she really is. She is awful!

The first cocktail party he took Fleur away she’s pretty cute and genuine. Kate and Jordan talk seriously and she is here for love. All the girls are finding it hard to see he is dating them all. Lara looks so stunning loved her hair and Jordan talks about how he’s feeling. Gabrielle is really sweet and genuine and he seems to like her, she is very confident. Uh oh he takes off storm kisses to come ? None yet. Alicia has a gift for him.

The single date in Hawaii to the volcano with Fluer, I’m starting to really like her a lot. Cool quad bike group date with zip lining. He takes Gabrielle off alone and the scene is stunning! They are totally cute. Her and Flure got roses on their alone time.

Naz got rejected haha oh dear. For her notebook moment.

So sad Nicole is having to go home for family reasons ! I really did not think Jordan would send home Danielle and Lara this week i really liked her.

Who do you think will win this season !

Love From Tess xo



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