Jumping to ibuprofen ..

Often i get a big bad migraine i an nauseous and dizzy and i found my self jumping to a ibuprofen for the instant fix. This became a regular.

I realised i was buying ibuprofen far too often, and i knew something had to be done it was costing a lot and could not be good for me!

After speaking to a local women she would me that it is not good for your organs and since my kidneys already have problems.

lately i have stepped back to simplicity and first hand say a prayer to God to ask Him to Heal me of my aches, and more than often i find within ten minutes i am pain free. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” -Matthew 6:33.

If i an still not 100% i find my self opening my bible, pray more and drink one litre of water and this usually works if the first prayer does not work originally.

Another solution i try is taking a shower and it can help a lot. Along side with this i find my self doing static stretches before bed and it will help reduce the pain.

When i go to bed if i am still not feeling good i may then consider taking a pill but defiantly i will try all options first.

Im writing this post as i have a migraine before bed time, and have been praying all afternoon, i have drunk a lot of water, read my bible, taken a hot shower and i am about to do some static stretches.

I challenge all people to think before you pop a pill, and try first seeking our Lord for comfort.

Love From Tess xo


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