All About Prayer!

Here i have compiled diary entries i have found and i thought it would be interesting to share my thought on these passages all about prayer

Friday March 6th 2015, 9:10pm

Psalm 90 in this passage this evening I read it over and over I prayed for some guidance and then I got a relation, to think as Jesus/ God thinks then I realises that it related to the passage. And its so important for us to remember we need to be Christ like.

Tuesday March 10th 2015 1:15pm

During my lunch break today I went out and sat my self in our car park and I was looking at the list of given passages and really wanted to read Nehemiah 1, in this passage we read the a prayer that starts off lifting Gods name and worshipping him then it goes on to ask God for what they needed, I was really thinking about my situation and my current needs and really related to this passage, which reminds me to ask God for things, I then thought of “Mathew 7:7 Ask and it will be given to you.” is important to pray for yourself and ask God to give you attributes you need, ask Him to refresh you and cleanse you.

 Wednesday 11th March 2015 3:15pm

Psalm 10, Sometimes God feels so far away and when you are in a trial God can see so distant and you call out in frustration to God asking where He is in this time where you need him most. This passage I became emotional reading as it related to my brother who has recently fallen from God and I started to pray this prayer as I sat in my office at church for my brother and I am going to keep praying this prayer cause it breaks my heart to see where my brother is at the moment. Because he has started to become aggressive and emotional and he has always been a happy man of God but now he seems like a entirely new person.

 Wednesday 11th March 2015 9:40pm

1 timothy 2:1-6 in this passage one is explained the importance of praying, it is important because we see how ones faith increases as we pray and how our relationship with God becomes increased, and we learn more about our one true Father of heaven, I want to become more regular with my prayer and increase my prayer life because it’s the best way to come closer to our God and learn so much about Him.

 Thursday 12th March 2015 4:00pm

I was reading Psalm 1 this afternoon up Mt Wellington looking over the city, and I was thinking about how we can talk to our God receive His blessing when we do not sin against Him, God sees and hears und will bless those who live for him. We can pray that the Lord watches over us and guides us with direction. I was now getting read to leave but before I left I prayed one more time, and after I prayed I got a vision of my self walking in darkness relating to when I was younger and me falling to my knees scared and a hand reaching down and helping me up and spinning me in the right direction, this passage really relates to when I had depression and feel it’s a passage I could use to benefit others in my life.

 Friday 13th March 2015 8:15am

James 1:5-8 I got up early and walked to Cornwall park and sat down on a wall and watched the tress I looked at this passage and prayed for some guidance on were to go, then I thought about how our God is a provider and again thought back to Mathew 7:7, when I re read it I really though back to my high school experinces and when I was so stressed because I was leaning on support from teachers not on God and because of my dyslexia I became very frustrated. And the minute I went to university and started talking to God and asking him to support me he has really provided and because I was faithful to him I saw the results, and I continue to ask God to support me in my studies and I know if I am faithful to him I will receive.

 Friday 13th March 2015 8:00pm

Psalms 120 tonight when I read this passage I really thought about lying and why people do it and I really thought back to all the times I had lied and why I did it and how it ended up and it never ended well, in the passage it says he will punish you with a warriors sharp arrows, its very important to speak truth and life to people.

 Saturday 14th March 2015 3:30pm

This afternoon I looked at the passage while I was at my home Hebrews 10:19-25 and I really had to look at it re read it over a few times and then I realised this prayer is all about being there for your brothers and sisters, encouraging and supporting one and another. Also the passage talks about our faith and how it is important to have faith, our faith is important to strengthen our relationship with God, a personal faith journey is important but having community around you keeps the increase of your faith.

 Monday 16th March 2015 9:00pm

In the passage I read tonight I really thought about how God will never forsake us and if we have not received instant answers we do not need to worry because God is always with us. Psalm 6

 Tuesday 17th March 2015 7:45pm

I’m in my car, facing the viaduct and looking over the lights, I read the passage James 5:13-18 and this is the prayer of faith and I really thought about my self and the faith I have now and the faith I used to have and the way I pray now and the way used to pray and it has definitely improved I really feel now because of my faith and prayer life today God and I have a closer relationship and are able to life a stronger life in Christ. In this passage and verse 16 this is one of my power scriptures, I read it and get excited for what God can do and I feel my strength in God Grow as I read this passage.

 Wednesday 18th March 2015 7:00am

I woke up early today ready to mediate on the word I just walked out side in the park right outside my house I was watching a man and his dog walking around, as I read over Psalm 2 I began to ask what is this scripture about and looked in further and re read it and realised this was a prophecy of Jesus Christs coming, and the people are warned to serve the lord with fear in verse 11, and have wisdom in what you do. I then prayed ‘God, thankyou for the blessings you have given me, and cleansing me of my sins, that is a blessing in its self, I thankyou for everlasting life, from sprit you have taught us to fear your almighty power, from this we drawn to serve you. I love Jesus and give him all the praise and worship Him as my Lord and Saviour, in your name we pray Amen”

 Wednesday 18th March 2015 3:00pm

This Afternoon I read over Ephesians 1:15-23, this passage shows us Gods divine power In this passage we can read that we not only can pray for physical needs on earth but spiritual prayers also, our God is powerful and will answer all out prayers if He can see the good in it. Fro reading this passage I really thought about my prayer life and where I can improve my balance of prayer life, and do need to pray more for the spiritual needs of others and myself.

 Thursday 19th March 2015 2:10pm

I went to the mall and sat down on the seats in the middle of the walk area, I read Psalms 93 in this Psalms we can see that God was the King before He even created the world, and will always rule and no matter what God will always be the king over all. This really made me think about how awesome our God is and how powerful He is.

 Thursday 19th March 2015 10:00pm

Psalms 5 shows that we should have consistent prayer, praying everyday and talking to Him in the morning. I thought about how since I have been in consistent prayer, what God has done in my life and what has changed. In this passage praying for your enemies is also important and this is something I relate to and am so happy I am able to ask God to bless people whom have hurt me.

 Friday 20th March 2015 10:00am

I read Psalms 3 at the beach today and as I read it I was reminded about how important it is to talk to God about trials and lift it up to God and give it to him and not dwell on the worries you may have. And when you do talk to the Lord wait on his answer. This would be a good passage to memorise and think over it every day.

 Sunday 22nd March 2015 3:15pm

This afternoon I’m looking at Psalms 125 and as I read this I really thought about how important it is to stand firm in God and trust Him with your life. Also I thought about standing firm in Christ and not letting people affect your beliefs, then no one can push you away.

 Monday 21st March 2015 11:00pm

Tonight I read Psalms 121 and as I read it I really had a hard time getting my mind around what it all meant, I tried to look more into it and from reading it over I understood that when you are walking out alone some where you are not actually alone you have God to protect you and you can lean on Him for support. And if we pray to God her will always be with us.

 Tuesday 22nd March 2015 12:00pm

Psalm 97 was the passage I’m reading today when this reading this I really thought about how people worship multiple gods and false idols and even how people take an item and worship them as a false god. I came to question should we love something more than our God and the answer is no God should be our first true and number one Love in our life our only idol! Yes you can like a certain famous person, but when it comes that they become more important than God it can become UN healthy.

 Wednesday 23th March 2015 10:30pm

Psalm 100 in this passage I read was all about thanking our Lord, praise and worshiping him lifting him higher and thanking him for what he has done. I find it very important to thank our lord God and lift him higher and make Him number one give him all worthy praise love God as He loves us

 Thursday 24th March 2015 6:15pm

In Psalm 7 this evening I read it at Pakuranga looking over the water, I was having a hart time writing this entry and then I saw some birds fighting and I began to think about in the passage how God is the judge and we should involve him in our lives and we do not need to lean out on our own, so back to the birds they were fighting and if one stood back and let God take the situation He would do no harm yet only good, so if we trust God with our situation and remain peaceful in the situation it will be good.

 Monday 30th March 2015 11:00pm

Tonight I’m looking at Psalms 98 In this passage we read about giving praise to the Lord, and being thankful, I thought about how God has healed me and thought maybe because my praise and worship is why he continues to heal me. Prise and worship is a joyful time for me because I just put my entire focus on God and worship with all I’ve got.

 Tuesday 31th March 2015 9:00pm

Today I read this passage when I woke up Psalm 126 and after all day thinking about it I thought about my dreams and I really thought it related to this passage and an how to always stand for your dreams and do not give up on them, I also thought about planting seeds into people and was reminded the importance of it because seed grow and flourish.

 Wednesday 1st April 2015 6:30am

In psalm 124 focusing on verse 6 I really believe in the importance of blessing over people and only speaking life to people never bad mouthing people and I find today in our life there is so much negative talk to one and another. Lord I pray that people would start to only speak life to others. Use kind word and spread love amen!

 Thursday 2nd April 2015 12:30pm

God is an amazing God he very much looks after us he brings extreme joy to us and in Psalm 92 this prayer expresses about the joy He has given to the person, and with God put first in my life, I am always so happy

 Monday 6th April 2015 6:15pm

1 Samuel 2. Hannah’s Prayer. This prayer I read while in my car and after I read it I drove home and really thought about it in depth, and the part of the passage that really stood out to me was “My mouth boasts over my enemies, for I delight in your deliverance.” In my past I have found it hard to love my enemies and easily held grudges and I remember the time I for gave the man whom sexually assaulted me and asked God to bless this man and let him become a better man to one day be a amazing husband, I felt extreme peace and I have never bad mouthed him again and any time I fell anger or sadness I speak life to him and it makes me so content because the God has lifted me up and I can praise Him for it.

i hope you enjoyed reading these, prayer is such a powerful thing and by studding these prayers i learnt so much about my prayer life, i change you to do this!

Love From Tess xo


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