Its been so long!

Hello, i know i know i haven’t posted in a long time but I’ve had exams and haven’t had a moment to think to blog!

Right now i am sitting on my brothers couch in his flat, in darkness with an episode of forever playing (new show obsession!)

I’m staying the night at my brothers, for dinner i made him and i chicken cau don blur with a side salad he loved it! i also brought over two pints of Giapo ice cream two different flavours one being tiramisu and the other pistachio! a lot of tasty eating happening tonight!

for the past two hours i have watched my brothers flatmates play Fifa 15 i mean I’m not a huge fan of video games but Fifa is one i can watch and enjoy! what i noticed as the boys were playing that their bodies didn’t face the screen only their eyes and their hands were on the controllers facing a different way! so interesting! well i thought it was cool because if you think about it our brain just knows how move your fingers to play this game and your eyes just don’t even see.

it is nice to stay at my brothers house ! because its actually a house and i love it. My apartment is not very roomy. so visiting the flat is so nice being in a big three story house.

further on in my life am preparing myself for my mission trip to surfers paradise. i leave on the 20th of November one week! it will be such a eye opening trip and i can’t wait to be on aussie land !

Love From Tess xo


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