Looking After Yourself.

With all that its is happening around you, its is important to not take it all on for yourself. it good to care for you loved ones but if you physically can’t do any thing to fix the situation you need to sit down rest hand it over to god and remember all you can do is pray and love on your people.

it is so important to look after you self as if you don’t you can get worn down emotionally and loose sleep. i have really been struggling not to take on a few peoples lives at the moment, all i want to do if fix the situation and there is noting i can to but hand it over to god, pray, and love them.

Eating churros is looking after your self, i think

i have been loosing sleep and its not going good i have uni to do but i find it hard when i am exhausted to do my work. I’m thinking that this week is going to be all about me and I’m going to do lots of fun things for my self! 

Lord i pray right now that you will be with my people whom need you! i pray that you look after me and give me the focus i need for uni and you give me week of pure joy so i can rest easy and know that you have my loved ones!

Love From Tess xo

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