I Was Followed

Today something scary happened.
I was in the mall I had been in one shop for about 20 minuets when a man came up to me an commented on the pillows I was looking at, he seemed harmless but then I moved on to the candle isles and he came up to me and handed me a candle and said smells beautiful. His voice was deep, quit, and husky. Haunting me still! After that I then started to fell a little uneasy and realized he could be following me. He kept getting close and our shoulders touch I calmly move a step over and he moves to me again. Now I get worried. I then walk to the baking goods and I’m alone again until he approaches me again and says something I ignore and blocked it out and I had to get out of there.
I leave this shop calmly at a medium pace I look over my shoulder and he’s following me still. I pick up pace and enter another shop in hopes to tell some one. And I look of a shop assistant and then I turn around and he’s there close to me. My heart is killing me by its beat. I then walk very fast to a little corner and I’m scouting around then I almost run to the bath rooms looking behind me to see him walking very quickly after me. 
In the bathroom, I lock myself in a cubicle and call my brother. He then comes to me and talks on the phone to me as he drives. I now have raw palms because I scratched them in nervousness. My brother and 4 of his friends arrive and look after me. As I walked out I saw the man still there. I’m so worried that he will start stalking me. 
This is such an eye opener to realize that even in broad daylight things happen and we need to be careful! In this situation I trusted my gut feeling! I just thank god that I am ok and nothing happened to me. I pray that all who are scared or in a situation like this are brought calmness and good judgment. Amen.
Love From Tess xo

3 thoughts on “I Was Followed

  1. Omg! I know this was written a couple of years ago but my heart was pounding for you while I read this. Thank god nothing else happened. That’s is really scary. You poor girl!

    I’ve had something similar happen before when I was walking home with a friend. We were walking down a street and there were 2 guys talking under a tree, we had to walk past them. As we walked past they said something but we ignored them and kept walking. When we got halfway to the end of the street they got in their car and started following us. I was so scared. I was crying and holding my friends hand as we tried to think of something to do. We ended up jumping over someone’s front fence and knocking on their door for help. We were so scared.


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