Making Decisions

I have to choose what I want to do and I am the only one who gets me to move, to do things, to go places. I choose what I say and what i say and do reflects who i am. so really its up to you if you want to be a happy person and a positive person. 

I am a person who like the most out of every situation. right now i am happy but this is not what i see my self doing in the next ten years. but i am going to finish this year of study and then probably do something else. i have to make this big decision. to move on to bigger opportunities to help me reach my dream.

What is my dream? well my dream is to follow gods will for me. i have been receiving visions from god and they reoccur in similar ways. these visions i see are not just a one off thing this is regular about three or four times a week. 

My dream is having a family and raising my family in the love of god. So in my life right now is a time where i have to make to most important decisions in my life to play out my future. So next year i decide whether i follow my dream or continue with other things!

Love From Tess xo 

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