Self praise

I love my self i think i am the bees knees. i am perfect, I’m not saying I’m the perfect example of a person and everyone should be me. by this i mean i am a perfect person this is how god designed me, and i believe every person is perfect! we are all gifts to one another that we can all learn from as we are all different!

Beautiful Me 

Beauty is in everyone, we are all so beautiful! i mean like look at me for an example i have stunning eyes, my smile is cute! in this day and age, self praise is looked at as vain, self centred, and stuck up! but i am none of those! i am able to see beauty in all! and i like to challenge all to do this too. It is such a good quality to have. 

Being able to be happy in you own skin is so much better than not! there was a time in my life where i would always be sad with my body and my face. It makes me sad now thinking back, when i see one who dose not like their beauty like i used to be, now that i am able to respect beauty.

Love From Tess xo 

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