Pinterest is it Procrastination or Palliative?

Please tell me i am not the only person in the world that always ends up on Pinterest and when i say always i mean ALWAYS! haha i constantly have a tab with Pinterest on. i find it a relaxant haha. to explain further i mean if I’m ever starting to feel stressed while studying, ill go on to Pinterest an scroll a little, pin a few then go back to my essay. Some people might say this is procrastinating but i believe it is palliative. calms my nerves and gives me a chance to gain my focus back. Then i write write write and when i start to feel anxious click on that Pinterest tab. 

On Pinterest i enjoy being able to express my self on my boards, all while planning my wedding! why not have a long palliative planed wedding rather than a shorter stressful planning of the wedding. whoever said Pinterest is procrastination was wrong haha 😉

Any way my boards are here

Love From Tess xo 


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