Having fun !

I have a hard time having fun, sometimes I seem in a rush to grow up. Being isolated in secondary school I grew up quickly. I am a serious person and I like things to go just how I plan and fun can often go off the plan. So I tell my self to get out and do something spontaneous it’s good for me!

Flatmate and Myself

My flatmate is good at having fun! She’s good at helping me be a bit silly and have a good laugh! I am thankful that she is there to help me because. I would probably become a 80 year old grandmother if she wasn’t influencing me. I’m happy I know my flaws as I can help grow from knowing. Like some one once said knowledge is power! 

My flat and I make funny videos on our webcams, we drink tea and read a book aloud together a chapter each! We go to movies some good some bad, even if they are bad we just laugh at them until we are crying! We make the most of any opportunity! I have really learnt I have my whole life to be an adult! I don’t need to rush!

Love From Tessa xo 


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