Let it go

They say when you move out of home you get a stronger relationship with your parents. With my dad, Yes that is the case my dad and i are closer than ever. With my mum, not so much… When i lived at home my mum an i were so tight i would call her my best friend! 

Now i live in Auckland, when my mum visits or i visit home. We argue, i always try avoid the situation so it doesn’t arise but she continues. when it happens it makes me want to cry! Im now writing this after a “attack”. because i feel like bad and i need to vent!  

 Anyway I’m watching Awkward while i try not to have FOMO of what is happening in Auckland! oh well i have internet to use and family to love. I’m excited to get back up and go back to my little life i have created!

 Im Getting my hair cut on Thursday! It will be fun, I’m going shoulder length, a bit like Jennifer Aniston in this picture, i have not had short hair for long time. 

Me On Thursday!


Well I’m having a good thinking time about my life. like what I’m doing next year! 

Love From Tess xo 


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