God is good!

I long to feel accepted, feel a sense of belonging, a family like love!  It’s hard to achieve this in a big city where everyone is on a mission with their own business. This is what made me home sick when I first moved to Auckland, I did not feel as if I belonged. i felt that I was all alone in this city. 

What really helped me was keeping busy, but it was hard to keep busy when everything was expensive and i didn’t know all the locations of fun things to do.  After a month of living in Auckland I went to my first church service (up here). I was nervous to go alone but I felt so welcome and there were so many people who cared for me I loved it ! I quickly became involved in children’s church and doing stuff on computers and still do it till this day!

New Family

I love the church I love the people the godly presence of the house and the sense of belonging I get when around all these beautiful people I have met !

Love From Tess xo



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