Am i a defensive person?

When i moved out of home to my super cute two roomed apartment in Auckland i was scared, excited and a little bit sad. the first month was hard! i moved in with my best friend from Tairua, my longest friend and my only true friend. My now flatmate and we delt with “growing up” in different ways. All she wanted to do was talk about he feelings and as for me i liked to process and keep it all to myself, neither of what both of us were doing was good or bad, its just how we deal with things. 

Move in day! 

So with both of us dealing with our emotions differently caused conflict. i would build up walls and not let her in, spending time with myself and with God. On the other, hand my girl needed someone to talk to to share her emotion. This caused me getting upset when she disturbed my me time which caused her getting upset cause she needed support. We had a bigger argument, and after the argument we became stronger, well after the whole afternoon with the silent treatment to each other! (HAHA looking back now on this is just so funny) After rekindling our relationship we became stronger, but was still shaky. 

Fast forward to now, we are pretty happy here well speaking for myself, i am happy in auckland and i find it hard going home to visit my parents as i have built a life here. I am happy, i am happy to say I’m officially a JAFA! haha no way! but really seeing the sky tower make me feel content and think “i am home” is that bad? some people from Tairua would say so. 

My new home

Love From Tess xo


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